We would like to share our world and learn about the world outside Sierra Leone. 

cropped-100_4590.jpgGift to a nation Sierra Leone serves and Educate children who cannot afford the cost of education. To accomplish this, we have a two-fold mission: to directly train Sierra Leonean children through education and exchanges, and to promote peace both in Sierra Leone and all over the world.

GTN –SL Program engages children in creative writing, music, drama, Photography, computer skills and many more. A supportive environment with a heavy emphasis on counseling is offered through our educational center. Furthermore, children get the opportunity to learn professional skills in Sierra Leone and communicate with their peers around the world through, cultural exchanges, and exchanges via the internet. Since its inception, GTN- SL has offered possibilities for over 50 less privilege children to participate in global issues and has given them a powerful forum for letting their voices be heard beyond the confines of Sierra Leone.

GTN- SL Peace education promotion program works directly with the government of Sierra Leone to introduce and maintain peace education in Sierra Leone’s school curriculum. GTN- SL recognizes that children need special tools and skills in order to transform their lives, their communities and their country.

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