Our mission is to empower less privileged children through progressive education. Gift to a Nation is a registered Yo/00332 non-profit organization creating permanent positive change in the lives of children. We believed that every child deserves equal right to education, We provide online and on-the-ground literacy solutions to less fortunate children and youths. In poor and slum communities, the charity focuses on providing both formal and non-formal programs to kids who might not otherwise get an opportunity to develop their inherent talent, either because their gender or socio-economic status.     

We envision a world where every child has access to primary education. All our efforts are geared towards determining young lives for tomorrow. We work with trusted locally based, schools and grassroots organizations

Creativity: we have learnt how to be creative problem solvers. We believe in thinking outside the box for solutions, finding creative ways to make things happen and taking quick action.

Efficiency: Not always do we have the required funding for the global change we strive to make, which means we have had to learn how to be efficient in our work. We believe in setting goals and accomplishing them within our limited resources.